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Bob Robinson
"Individual needs are
assesed to design long-lasting,
customized treatment."
-Bob Robinson

Professional Bio

I am an Advanced Certified Rolfer™ the highest level of Rolf certification. My advanced training was done with Ida P. Rolf, founder of the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado. Judith Aston, a pioneer in the field of movement education and bodywork, was my instructor for Rolf Movement Training. In addition, I have completed over 3000 hours of voluntary course study in Rolfing, course study in Cranial Sacral Manipulation and continue to teach intermediate and advanced methodology to Professional Massage Therapists.

Often people come to me once they have exhausted other types of treatment and are still in pain. Sometimes they begin body work because they want to improve their flexibility, strength, or posture. Still, other clients need to improve thier quality of life, the fluidity of their body or even shift emotional patterns resulting from difficult body movement.

Designing proper treatment, in line with your goals and expectations, is how I work to ensure you achieve long-lasting results. This has often included working in tandem with physicians and therapists to stay in tune with your total health and well-being.


Trained and certified by the
Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado

Advanced training with Ida P. Rolf
Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado

Cranial Sacral Manipulation from the
Upledger Institute


Cient Expectations

Providing background information allows the Rolfer to more readily assess your structural difficulites. The Rolfer "sees into the body" and anticipates how manipulation of the facia will most efficiently and effectively resculpt the body structure.

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